Hourly rate: 1250NOK/Hour

20% discount on bookings made 5 working days or more in advance.

Short notice/Over time: 1500NOK/Hour

Cancellation or adjustment of hours or deadlines must be made 24 hours in advance.  If not, a minimum of 1 hour will be charged. Additional hours due to late changes from customers, changed or lacking breif will be charged as separate hours.

We work by the hour, and charge for full hours.


Bookings are referred to telephone +47 22426800 or +47 92628668 or

For special inquiries, contact


Help for ordering Retouch


A proper retouch order written in advance will save both time and money, and avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary correction rounds.


*Order retouch in time.

*Make a budget. This lets us know where to place the bar.

*Timeframe, set up a schedule for quality check, meetings and final delivery.

*Write a breif. Put into words what you expect us to do, and what not to do. 

*Add reference images and jpgs with mark-ups.

*Specify the final target. Media, the number of images, size, resolution and other technical details.