About us

Torggata 11
0181 Oslo
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Postproduksjon AS work with technical facilitation of images for use in advertising and editorial products. We help photographers with colour correction, retouch, special requests and impossible problems.



Whether we scan film, copies, or convert digital originals we aim to get as close to the final result as soon as possible in the process in order to minimize the need for corrections.


Post production

Working with other´s images has very much to do with understaning the photographer´s and the art-director´s intentions. Some photographers prefer to do everything on set, to minimize post production, while others prefer to add their visual expression afterwards. Communication before the shoot can often save both time and money when it comes to post production.



We work together with the photographer to achieve the feeling, contrast, colour and texture that the photographer has in mind. Many factors can effect this when printing, and we can assist in finding the right competence and understanding at the print shop.